A Spirale was founded in 2002 by Maurizio Argenziano and Massimo Spezzaferro, guitar and drums, former Missselfdestrrruction members ("Asimmetrica" - Snowdonia, 2001), Mario Gabola, avantjazz saxophonist, and Anita Furlani, violist with academic background. Since January 2004 the band performs live as a three- piece (drums / guitar / sax-feedback-electronics). Recently one of their album is part of 10cds box "Muscia Improvvisa" about improvised music in Italy released by DieSchachtel.
Then M.Argenziano, M.Gabola meets SEC_ (revox and leptop) founder of the band Weltraum, producing the same titled album ASp/SEC_; as duo, Mario and SEC_, founded anotherproject called Aspec(t) [Nuun Records, FFHHH], they are also working on a release result of different improv session with Dave Phillips.
In the end of 2008 ASp/SEC_ meet One Starving Day [Beta Lactam Ring] drummer F.Gregoretti, founding the avant-noise supergroup Strongly Imploded [Eh?, Kimberly Dawn Recording, Ikuiisuus, Gruenrekorder]. Francesco and Maurizio with S.Albano formed Grizzly Imploded [Quasi Pop Records, Foredoom], a power guitar noise trio. They are all involved, with a large collective of people, in the organisation of the indipendent festival Altera!, about critical think and the connection between "the new musical practice" and the counterculture movements.
Mario Gabola in the 2010 start to collaborate with composer/scientist Agostino Di Scipio, founding a duo called Up-Set; He will release a new album with Arnaud Riviere , they did a tour together douring 2012, in split with the greek duo Balinese Beast.

- A Spirale collaborations include: Alexei Borisov[Ru], Olga Nosova[Ru], Andy Guhl, Ignaz Schick[DE], J.Wright[USA], V. Tricoli, Jealousy Party, Mat Pogo, Dave Phillips, M.Cooper[UK], Michael Doneda, Roberto Bellatalla, Fabrizio Spera, Luca Venitucci, Abstral Compost, Company Fuck, K.Yamauchi[Jap], Andrea Belfi, D. Sciajno, Psychofagist, Cris X, Anatrofobia, Tanake, Splinter Vs Stalin, Taxonomy, R.Fega, Lendormin, R. Chatham[USA] , E.Chadbourne[USA], The Hub[USA], ClaytonThomas[AUS], Hyph[DE], Michael Renkel[DE], J.Vandesande[NL], J.Kocher[CHF], S.Lemporte[Fr].